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The Oxygen Cream by Natura Bisse



What I loved about the Oxygen Cream by Natura Bisse is that its sells itself as ‘Oxygenation for all skin types.’

You know when you are buying a facial cream, it is such a challenge to find something like this. In an overcrowded market (specifically the skincare segment), it can be difficult to find a cream that suits your skin type.

But here is a cream that is simple in its philosophy, that says – oxygenate your skin, hydrate it, which is what the bottom line is for all skincare right? To keep your skin hydrated and reasonably oxygenated?

I have been using this cream for a little over two weeks now and I notice that it seems a little more glow-y and dewy. Not the sticky type, but the good dewy. The cream is a bit on the heavier side. By that we mean, you have to massage the cream into your skin well after application, or it might get a bit cakey if you have to wear make up right after. At night, it’s no problem at all as your skin needs the oxygen anyway, which is what hopefully this cream is providing.

As I said, I have noticed a difference in the appearance of my skin. It’s just plump-ier you know.

Natura Bisse is available at Harvey Nichols at Mall of the Emirates and Bloomingdale’s in Dubai Mall.


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