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The unprecedented increase in life expectancy is a demographic reality. The question is, will aging be associated with debility and illness or will it be accompanied by a sustained sense of well-being, productivity, independence and social engagement?

Seems like if we want to achieve the latter scenario, we can do so with the help of a field of medicine called anti-aging medicine, which propagates vitality and wellness.

Anti-aging medicine is a new evidence-based clinical specialty, which introduces new tools focused on the cellular and molecular level through advanced biotechnology and medical devices.

It does not merely rush to treat disease, rather, it adapts a holistic approach which aims to safeguard health, and transcend organ systems to work deeper on a cellular and molecular level.

The process encompasses:

healthy nutrition

positive changes in lifestyle

directed exercise

hormonal restoration

nutrient supplementation

and detoxification

We spoke to Dr. Fadi Al Shaban who is an A4M Board Certified Anti-Aging Physician. He’s a General Surgeon and a Member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. He practices at the Dermalese Clinic located at Villa number 4, Opposite Gate 5 of Jumeirah Beach Park, Jumeirah Road – Dubai.

Watch Dr. Fadi Al Shabaan, Dermalase Clinic, talk to us about this medical field :

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