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Should we start with the some of the more well-known things said about the Eve Lom cleanser? That Vogue has called it, ‘probably the best cleanser in the world.”

Or, should I start by saying that I now have a product to swear by? Either way, it gets you the gist of our post and where it is going with the review of the Eve Lom cleanser.

When it comes to the beauty world, the Eve Lom Cleanser has become a quintessential product.

The 7 step cleansing process (its easier than it sounds believe us and the results, worth it) cleanses and invigorates dull skin. These may just sound like words out of a pamphlet that aims to promote a beauty product. But, we mean it, therefore say it. Cleanses it does, because of the muslin cloth dipped in warm water, but it also gives you a refreshing feeling, as it is not just your regular wash-your-face-with-a-facial-cleanser routine.

We took a good 10 minutes to enjoy the cleansing process that Eve Lom offers.

Step 1- 3:

How to effectively use the Eve Lom cleanser

How to effectively use the Eve Lom cleanser

Step 4-7:


What the above steps are essentially saying is, first, smooth the Eve Lom cleanser on the face, gently massage it in and then take it off with the reusable muslin cloth (that comes with the cleanser), three times over.

Steps 1-6 gives you ways of effectively massaging the cleanser into your skin so that it does it’s job well, holding the pressure points until a count of 5 and massaging it at the right contours of your face.

Step 7 tells you how to use the muslin cloth. Place the said cloth over your face, after dipping it in warm water. Hold for about 7-10 seconds and then gently exfoliate your face with the muslin cloth, removing the cleanser simultaneously, in circular movements. Do this three times, while taking a deep breath through your nose to hold it in place.

The warm water infused muslin cloth placed over your face opens up the pores of your skin and deeply cleanses it. This is perhaps why you get the invigorating effect along with an extremely cleansed skin.

Finish off by dipping the muslin cloth in cold water and hold over your face for about 20 seconds to close the skin’s pores.




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