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Zoya Nail Varnish (Smoke Collection)

Love this mink

Love this mink

So, the SMOKE collection by Zoya is how we love our nail varnish – a creamy finish on bold colors.

Anja is our fav color from the collection. When the berry / purple trend on nails first came out, we pooh poohed the idea. But now, we love it. It goes with pretty much any season.

Initially, I thought, let’s restrict this color for the cooler climes (with our fall trends) but it looks as great when paired with your bright palazzos too.

Now, the Dree (the olive green) is something that I am going to admit, am a little afraid to try only because I don’t feel that I can pull the look off. This is probably a color I would give my teen cuz to sport. I prefer sticking to the minky Jana or the berry Anja.


This is our fav from the Smoke collection

This is our fav from the Smoke collection – Anja



we love that it's safe for mommies too!

We love that it’s relatively safe for mommies too!


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