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Interview with Lydia Jordane, Founder of Lycon Cosmetics, available at Sisters Beauty Lounge, Dubai


Never have I tried such an effective body scrub. Made from sucrose (sugar to us lay people) and fruit extracts, the Lycon Apple and Cranberry Sugar Scrub makes scrubbing yourself an indulgent affair.

Draping yourself in a body cream of the same fragrance right after is just icing on the cake (pun intended).

So….anyway, moving on. Sadly, this post isn’t just about the cosmetics part of Lycon, the company founded by Lydia Jordane. It is about wax, the ingredient that Lycon is originally known for.

The following videos have Lydia talk about the brand, why her wax is so special and a quick demo by her on our model. Thank you model for braving it, as we know this was your first time. We truly salute you and appreciate your participation.

Interview with Lydia Jordane:

Demo of Lycon Wax by Lydia Jordane:

Lycon Waxing treatments are available at Sisters Beauty Lounge.