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The goodie Bag Contents – We love the Cracked Heel Smooth and Remove File

The Cracked Heel Smooth and Remove File – which is extendable to grab and clean more of your feet! SO convenient. We deffo recommend!

The Scholl’s event at the Siddharta Lounge, Grosvenor House was just what I needed. I admit to not making the time to go get myself groomed, let alone relax.

I don’t think we need to sell or promote this brand to anyone. Dr. Scholl’s is synonymous with good foot care – be it regular grooming or issues with your foot like bunions, corns etc. I have been using this brand for ages now, and quite frankly, other similar brands that I have tried, hardly come close to it.

The pedicure and relaxing foot massage that we were treated to, at the Scholl’s event, was alluring and invigorating. Plus, the choice of venue, breathtaking. It reminded me that I haven’t gone for a well-needed swim, in a long time.  It was the perfect location to get pampered by the lovely ladies at Scholls.

The highlight of the event was a photo-booth or should we say, footo-booth that took a pictures of our feet (yes!) right after our pedi, and sent to our email address pronto! Of course, we are not going to share that with you all. And scandalize you? I love you, my readers, way too much.

Which got us talking about feet, and why we get embarrassed to show them to people. Not to worry, we won’t wander off in that direction, in this post.

Moving on…

Party Feet by Scholls is another product we love, that we briefly talked about as well.

Scholl’s has shared this amazing, informative video with us about the cracked heel repair cream (at the end of the post). Enjoy!

[slideshow id=127 w=640 h=480]

Video Courtesy: Scholls:


Scholls is available in leading hypermarkets and pharmacies in Dubai.


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