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We love how this product prophesies that the right kind of sun is good for you, and that you shouldn’t go over board protecting your skin from it.

Estederm Photocellular was recently launched in Dubai. The brand tells us some things to know about SPF, the sun on your skin and more:

–Both excessive and inadequate exposure to sunlight is dangerous. Sunlight is essential to all forms of life as a source of heat, light, vitamin D synthesis and as a natural antidepressant.

–Help the skin adapt to sunlight rather than overprotecting it. Overprotecting the skin by applying sun block causes it to lose its capacity for adaptation. The Photo Cellular Care line works to re-educate the skin and help it adapt to the sun.

— A tan is the best protection. It is the skin’s natural defense system against the harmful effects of UV rays. A golden tan is the result of melanin, a colored pigment with exceptional absorption properties targeting UV light and free radicals.

–Tanning does not age the skin. It is the skin’s natural reaction that protects it against sunlight, although it may, at times, result in harmful side effects.

Photo Cellular Care products neutralize the sun’s negative impact, while stimulating the skin’s natural capacity for self-defense, including tanning.

What Photo Cellular aims to do is normalize the skin’s reactions to sunlight, gradually boosting tolerance to increased sun exposure. Apparently, an SPF index is not an adequate measure of protection as it measures the risk of sunburn without taking into account the risk of aging or developing photo-sensitivity.

Check out our previous coverage on the blog about this brand. Hope you all found this information as useful as we did.

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