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DIAF spoke with Celebrity Hair Dresser, Asgar, who has styled well-known names in Indian cinema and Hollywood. In an email interview from the U.K:

DIAF: Please tell us what the latest trends in hair are for SS 2013.

Asgar: There are lots of new styles for young people to choose from, for SS 2013, and it doesn’t matter if their hair is very short or very long.  Summer is the time to get adventurous. Some suggestions below:

The Ultimate Pixie Crop – Be brave. Why not make a sophisticated statement like Katie Holmes and Halle Berrie. This style looks perfect on petite, oval or heart shape faces and really brings out your cheekbones.

Katie Holmes in a pixie haircut. (Image Courtesy: www.dohairstyles.com)

The Neat Layered Bob – This classy, sleek bob has longer layers at the front of your face. This style will help balance those with heart shaped faces. Maintain your shine with argon oil and intense conditioning treatment.

Neat Layered Bob Image Courtesy: www.thehairstyler.com

Neat Layered Bob (Image Courtesy: www.thehairstyler.com)

The Side Sweep – Add some softness to your face with a side swept fringe helping draw attention to your eyes.

Reese Witherspoon sporting the Side Sweep Fringe (Image Courtesy: www.beauty.about.com)

Midway HairIf you don’t quite want to go the whole way, find that balance, cutting the hair just above your shoulders. This look has featured heavily on catwalks for 2013 and looks great if your hair is naturally wavy.

Katy Perry Mid-way Hairstyle (Image Courtesy: www.hairfinder.com )

Sleek and StraightIf you simply love your long hair and cannot bare to part with it, why not change your parting whether it be side, middle or zig-zag. Straighten when the weather is crisp and cold; add tousled curls when that damp air is out. Ensure that you use an excellent heat protecting product before straightening to prevent damage.

Rachel Bilson in Sleek and Straight (Image Courtesy: www.beauty.about.com)

DIAF: What, according to you, is the best kept secret about treating colored hair? What shampoos and conditioners do you recommend for colored hair?

Asgar: Coloured hair demands extra care.  When lightening hair, the peroxide strips the hair of all its protein, which is needed to keep tresses healthy.  In order to keep hair healthy, ensure that you invest in a replenishing protein-packed salon treatment once a month

DIAF: This region specifically sees a lot of hair fall, perhaps due to the weather and water. Any suggestions (non-medical of course) that you can tell DIAF’s readers to combat this condition?

Asgar: I would recommend using lukewarm water when you are shampooing as hot water can open the hair cuticles, leading to moisture loss.  I would also recommend not washing your hair everyday if you have a dry scalp as this washes out the natural oils.  Chlorine and bromine from swimming pools also contribute to stripping the hair of moisture and causes a loss of colour so always shampoo immediately after swimming. To protect your hair from the sun, I would recommend creams and spray treatments that offer sun protection and also opting for light coloured scarves and umbrellas that do not absorb the light and heat.

DIAF: Please tell us about your most memorable experience as a hair stylist.

Asgar: I have had the pleasure of styling the most sought after actors, actresses and models internationally including Hrithik Roshan, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Twiggy and Cindy Crawford to name a few, and I think every experience has personally been as memorable as the last.  I embrace future projects with the same enthusiasm.

DIAF: Straight or curly, which is easier to handle / style?

Asgar: When it comes down to hair care – curly hair has to be maintained more intensely than straight hair.  Straight hair can be far more easily designed but it’s the curly hair that is without a doubt more eye catching.  It does however pose its own unique set of styling problems.

DIAF: Future aspirations…

Asgar: I’ve been working on developing a truly superb hair care line that actually feeds the scalp and makes your hair naturally luxuriant and glossy. My clients demand world-class quality, and I felt that the products out there are simply not doing enough to nourish the scalp and encourage healthy, strong, gorgeous hair from the inside. You eat as naturally as possible—your hair products should also be as natural as possible. Because I feel such a strong connection with nature, I’ve founded a charitable trust which aims to preserve biodiversity and the rainforest. More news coming soon!


www.asgarboo.com – Celebrity Hairdresser, Asgar.

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