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In the makeup world, specifically when it comes to wearing foundation on your face, the need of the hour is for it to look utmost natural. From bare minerals on your face to a natural-looking powdery finish, it is all about ‘it’s like I have nothing on’ or ‘I don’t want it to look like I’m wearing any makeup’.

I tried the Healthy Mix by Bourjois and this is what I thought:

– It ‘blends into’ your skin easily. By that we mean, it allows for easy application.

-It survived the 9-6 bracket effectively, after which it got a bit patchy around the oily areas. When I say survived, I mean it didn’t look like my face was peeling off with gunk on it. The packaging says 16 hours. We’d say 9-10 hours.

– Note: I wore my day cream prior to applying the foundation. That should mean that there was a double layer of cosmetics on my face. So, you should take that into consideration.

– It doesn’t have a Sun Protection Factor.

– The only thing that had me a bit concerned was that when I washed off my hands (after trying a little on it), it seemed too creamy for my taste, a tad too oily. The oiliness remained on my hands after one wash. That makes me wonder if it clogs my pores as a result?

We are loving the 60’s look by Bourjois. The colors are springy and evoke sublime freshness. Some pics that show you the nail and eye shadow colors that are going to rock this spring.

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