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It won the ‘Perfume of the year’ at the Fifi Arabia 2012 awards, that was recently held in Dubai. And now, the Elie Saab perfume bottle makes more news. At least on DIAF. We just love the purse pack. It is so handy when you are running form pillar to post and need to look and smell fresh. Just put it with all your other make-up stuff. It is approximately the same size as a regular-sized foundation bottle.

So, the Elie Saab Couture Purse Spray comes with two bottles of refills, which are 20 ml each. Plus, one that is already in the golden case (pictured below). What we love most is how the gold case opens so conveniently – just twist it open. The pack also comes with a mini instructional manual that shows you how to place the refill bottle in the golden case.

We have taken a few pictures to show you how you the refill goes inside the case. Super inventive and functional.

Elie Saab is available at most beauty stores in the UAE. The Purse pack is available at Faces in Dubai.

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