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Frank Provost – A look-changing trip to this salon has us in smiles!


2012 was a year of firsts for me – the first time I ever danced on stage and two, the first time I ever added some highlights to my hair. Somehow, the apprehensions that you normally feel when you are about to have anything new done to your looks, was missing. I just said to myself, ‘let’s do this…and get it over with’.

Rabih, the Hair Stylist at Frank Provost, Dubai Marina definitely eased me into the process. “Honey colored highlights will be a baby step for you” said he. Bring on the honey said I.

I love my new look. It’s not drastic, just the way I wanted it. And oh did I mention the Kerastase treatment that I got? I am told they revive, restore and add that sought after shine to your hair. Bring on the shine said I.

I definitely recommend this branch of Frank Provost (Dubai Marina) to someone who wants to get their hair colored and treated with Kerastase. As Rabih says in the video, they don’t just color your hair, you have to get the treatment as well. He highly recommends it especially for colored hair.

A quick chat with Rabih, Stylist, Frank Provost, Dubai Marina:

The Kerastase Shampoo that was used for my hair (Nutritive Shampoo)

An exclusive Kerastase Treatment room dedicated to just the said treatment

The Keratin Treatment that was applied to my hair (Essential Restorative Concentrate)


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