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Bourjois’  Aristo Clash make-up collection revisits high society codes, with a dash of cheekiness for an offbeat “aristocratic look”.

The eyes are decorated in a halo of purple grey, accessorized by exquisite skin jewellery.

The lips pout a bright fuchsia, whereas the nails contrast with shiny and matte effects – A French manicure revisited.

The Eyeshadows are:

Intense Little Round Pot Gris violacé N°11 and the rose sable shade Rose sable N°3.

The eye pencil is the Contour Clubbing Waterproof in Purple night N°47. accentuate the eyes with a deep purple liner.

A couture pouch, containing 12 diamantes (6 black) of 3 different sizes (2.5 – 3 and 4 mm) hopes to give an upbeat look to all your make-up effects. Pre-glued and self-adhesive, they are easy to use.

Your nails. How can we forget that. The two shades that the Aristo Clash look boasts of are:

So LaqueUltra Shine Purplefiction N°63 and Ultra Shine Fashion gris-gris N°49. Check out the behind the scenes video of the Arito-clash campaign:


Bourjois is available at Faces and Lifestyle stores in the UAE.

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