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It took a while for me to edit this video as I was tempted to play each frame over and over again to hear what Sara had to say. Her art stems from sentiments that all of us perhaps feel but have been taught to either suppress or ignore.  A type of an acquired response to emotions felt.

Feelings like jealousy, envy, over-sensitivity, pride…the list goes on. We all feel these feelings or have at some point in our lives. But how many of us come face-to-face with it, acknowledge it and deal with it positively?

That is what Sara aims to show in her work. These feelings and states of mind are crocheted in a frame for you to see.

This Emirati artist received her B.A in Graphic Design from the American University in Dubai. Her artistic journey began with the exploration and use of handmade crafts during her childhood years. Materials such as embroidery, crochet, and different textiles became the tools that motivated her to create her artworks.

Her works are on display at The Pavilion Downtown until February 7, 2013.


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