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First of all it’s Guerlain’s packaging that we want to talk about. They say packaging is everything when it comes to Marketing your product.  From the nail varnishes to the golden eye shadow case, Guerlain is saying one thing for sure- ‘pick me, pick me!’

The Spring Summer 2013 make-up collection by the said brand has a colorful yet subtle palette. Our favorite is the violet eyeshadow. Brings out the brown in our eyes!

Guerlain suggests:

Three different looks to go with your little black dress:

Romantic-like: baby-doll eyes, sheathed in mascara on the top and bottom lashes.

Glamour-like: Doe -eyes, intense top lashes. Lengthened to infinity, they give you the ultimate look of irresistible seduction.

Rock‘n’roll -like: The cat eye, concentrating the mascara on the outer edges of the
lashes. Intensified, they give you a provocative, hypnotic look.

The glosses aren’t too far behind in getting our attention either. We love the Fuchsia like 870 Cherry Pink.

Guerlain is available at leading beauty stores in Dubai. Paris Gallery is perhaps a good place to start.

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