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The professionals over at ‘Make up Forever Professional Paris’ say that ‘the qualities of a perfect mouth are: symmetry, balance between the upper and lower lip, and smooth lips’.

Some tips from the pro:

  • On a mouth with irregularities, prepare lips by applying Foundation or Concealer on lips
  • In case of dry lips, begin by making a slight lip exfoliation to remove any dead skin cells on the surface of the lips.

Now for the seven steps to get that sexy red color on your lips:

Step 1: Begin by contouring the middle part of the upper lip using waterproof lip pencil, Aqua Lip.

STEP 2: Then, draw a line to define the center of the lower lip.

STEP 3: Draw a line at each corner of the mouth.

STEP 4: Join the lines, in one motion, starting at each corner and back towards the center.

STEP 5:  Apply the Color. Start from the center of the upper lips and move towards the corners.

STEP 6: For a mat result, apply only the lipstick. Wait a few seconds for the texture to dry.

STEP 7: Apply the Top Coat using the integrated brush to set and create a more intense color.

Check out Make up Forever’s Aqua Rouge collection here.

Make up Forever is available at Sephora at the Dubai Mall.

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