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Remember the BB Cream with its 5 benefits? The cream that has it all? Bourjois says it’s new range of Glosses have 5 benefits too. A 5-in-1 complexion illuminating gloss!

5 beauty & care actions that the brand says its glosses give us and what we thought:

1 – Healthy glow effect: With its complexion illuminating pigments, BB GLOSS enhances the radiance of Bourjois BB CREAM foundation! — We tried. And we have to say that the color sits well. Although, we did apply regular lipstick prior.

2 – Protection: With its rose wax content, the lips are protected from external factors.  Whilst applying the gloss, it did have this really thick texture. We are assuming that is the wax content.

3 – Hydration: Sweet almond oil durably moisturizes and softens the lips. — It feels good to know that your lips are being moisturized while looking good. Knowing this, we can skip the ‘moisturize the lips with a chap-stick before applying the lipstick’ routine. Yay!

4 – Smoothing: Apricot butter intensely nourishes and smoothes lines on the lips. — Again, we trust that with point number 2 and 3 that some amount of moisturizing is taking place.

5 – Crystal shine: Microcrystalline waxes in the formula offer intense shine for a luscious smile! Hmm…A trick that perhaps you can use. Double layers. Now, this can appear to look like it’s OTT, overdone and even get sticky making it messy. What you can do is take some on your fingertip and then apply, That way you get an even spread and that ultra shine. With the thin lip brush, it can be a bit hard.

So far, the BB Gloss by Bourjois comes in two shades — Pink and Orange-pink.

Bourjois is available at most Faces, Boots and Paris Gallery beauty shops in the UAE.

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