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Now this is interesting stuff. Read on…

ORCHIDÉE IMPÉRIALE by Guerlain. At first glance, I thought it was a perfume. But after a closer look, I realized that it is a skincare product. One that promises to reverse time.

‘What is more abundant, more reassuring and more luxurious than time?’ asks the promotional leaflet for Orchidee Impériale.

Yes, we all wish we could reverse time when it comes to our looks, don’t we? Well, most of us mortals!

The Imperial Orchid Molecular Extract claims to break new ground in the field of skincare. A research center that incorporates an exploratory nature reserve, an experimental garden and a pharmacognosy laboratory gives us Orchidee Impériale.

The story of the Orchidarium and the Orchidée Impériale product goes something like this. In the beginning, a rare flower that foils time. The desire to unlock – with the utmost respect for its environment – the secrets of its longevity and offer them to women. The commitment of these scientists, who luckily remain treasure hunters. And, last but not least, a huge pleasure in sharing, which is experienced on the ground, in the laboratories… and in the bathroom.

Since its launch in 2006, the Cream has evolved thanks to new generations of active ingredients and now presents the third generation of the Imperial Orchid Molecular Extract – the I.O.M.E.

This is the first post about any skincare product by Guerlain (hence, the molecular extract founded by it) but since this particular skincare product is about the third (generation) and more advanced form of research, we will tell you about it. Read on…

The third generation of the I.O.M.E is no different from the first or the second in nature. It is based on the same discovery and the same principles of effectiveness. However, its major new dimension is that it incorporates only what time can offer it – it claims to incorporate the latest discoveries in skin biology based on medical research into cellular bio-energetics.

Now that is a big word. We went to Wikipedia to help us. Click here to find out what it means.

We normally would not venture out into such technicality but this product intrigued us. We felt that in order to understand what this product can do for us, how Orchidée Impériale can work for us, we thought that you would want to read this:

So, now for the really technical stuff.

 A refined vision of skin function: the fundamental concept of the fertility of cells – known as progenitor cells – is linked to a future-focused science by the name of cellular bioenergetics. What is the origin of cell life? What are the keys to cell longevity? How can you maintain, prolong and energize cell life? How do skin cells use and transmit their vital energy? The new Orchidée Impériale Cream claims to provide an answer to all these questions.

With time, as always, the flowers in the Experimental Garden in Geneva continue to reveal even more secrets and the chosen species are constantly enriching the I.O.M.E. and its Orchid Technology. From the 30,000 orchids listed, Guerlain has selected GOLD ORCHID, with a vital aura, capable of boosting the key genes in energy production and optimizing its bioavailability to the skin cells’ optimal benefit. So, here it is making a noteworthy and necessary entrance into the chorus of star orchids in the I.O.M.E., bestowing it with a new power to energize “cell fertility” *over time.

The result? Time, of course… The extra time that the I.O.M.E. offers skin cells. And the pleasure of skin that becomes stronger, denser and more luminous day after day and discovers this wonderful invention: Radiant, long-lasting beauty.

* In vitro tests on ingredients

There has been even further advancement in the mystery of cell birth. Vital processes in the skin are working to constantly produce cells that construct continually renewed tissue. With the passing years, their production runs out of steam and slows down. To find a way of restoring cells to optimal activity, Guerlain researchers have dived to the heart of the origins of cell life, the Progenitor cells.

In adult epidermal tissue, for example, we observe a certain type of cells known as PROGENITOR CELLS or, more commonly, mother cells that give birth to all the skin cells and ensure the formation of the different layers of the epidermis. Found in the basal layer, these cells are extremely important because they are responsible for the ability to construct and regenerate the epidermis in its complexity and its entirety. This is what Guerlain calls ‘cell fertility’ – a crucial process because it ensures the continual construction of the epidermis and makes it possible to maintain its complete and organized multi-layer structure.

Like any construction, the formation and regeneration of the epidermis require a great deal of energy from the progenitor cells, a vital force infusing them to energize and prolong their action. Any lack of energy will thus have considerable consequences on the integrity and functional longevity of the epidermis.

The decisive role of this vital energy, a real key to cell longevity and maintaining the quality of young-looking skin, has just been studied by Guerlain Research, in line with a science at the cutting edge of current international scientific research – cellular bioenergetics.

The Guerlain Research laboratories have turned to this future-focused science to expose the way in which progenitor cells use energy and how dysfunctioning of the energy networks can affect skin ageing.

With age and accumulated stress, the decline in the expression of key genes for bioenergy is responsible for significant changes in the mitochondrial network and thus a decrease in the functional longevity of the progenitor cells. Deprived of energy, they no longer optimally perform their regenerative task. The skin loses its vitality and skin ageing accelerates.

A new blend of remarkable Orchids in the I.O.M.E.

In keeping with the studies that Guerlain has been carrying out on the orchid for years, which orchid could prove to be particularly suited to energizing “cell fertility”, transmitting its own energy to the skin? Guerlain discovered this vital force in a remarkable orchid, which has been present in the Orchidarium’s Nature Reserve from the outset: Gold Orchid. These are flowers rich in flavonoids that Guerlain Research has successfully deciphered, controlled and concentrated in the existing heart of the I.O.M.E. They prove to have a particularly invaluable action on the energy essential for “cell fertility”. Gold Orchid combines with the three orchids that make up the I.O.M.E. to reinforce its skin longevity performance.

For the first time, Guerlain researchers have used a DNA chip method that made it possible to study a panel of specific mitochondrial genes coding for energy synthesis and location. Samples of human keratinocytes were cultivated on plates and then treated with this even more powerful I.O.M.E.

THE actions of the I.O.M.E

The first, the Orchidée Impériale Cream expresses the I.O.M.E.’s brand new regenerative power. It combines the quintessence of the most comprehensive age-defying actions and offers ultimate global performance with this third generation:

In an extraordinary beauty and longevity dynamic, the skin is dense, firm, fresh, smooth and supple, regaining the appearance of skin whose signs of ageing, wrinkles, fine lines and marks of tiredness gradually fade away. As if perfectly renewed and refreshed, the skin is revived and glows with vitality and radiance.

How to use the cream:


Apply your cream with continuous circular movements, working outwards from the middle of the face: on the forehead, cheeks and chin.


Sweep your fingertips over the skin from the middle of the forehead down to the ears (1). Next, perform 3 smoothing movements: start from the corners of the lips, move up along the nose, then continue under the eyes towards the ears and down to the top of the jaw-line (2).

3. SCULPT FACIAL CONTOURS: With both hands working symmetrically, gently sweep the backs of your fingers along the contour of the face, from the chin to the ears (1). Using your fingertips, smooth the skin of the entire forehead, working upwards from the eyebrows to the hairline (2). Perform each movement 3 times.

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