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We just received this amazing special delivery — Desert Flowers by J Del Pozo. Each fragrance from the “Desert Flowers” collection has been inspired by a special flower as well as certain qualities women possess. “Peony”, “Dahlia” and “Lily” are the first three fragrances. In each of these perfumes, the delicacy of these flowers comes together with certain qualities of these emblematic women’s personality; desert flowers that inspire admiration in every culture throughout the world.

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Dahlia (autumn Flower) Symbolism of the “Dahlia” fragrance:
Traditionally Dahlia flowers have always symbolized everlasting love and were used in weddings and engagement parties to symbolize the desire for eternal love for the newly-weds.
Some of the characteristics that the new “Dahlia” perfume reveals are: Loyalty, commitment and beauty.

Olfactory Family: FLORAL WOODY with AMBERY accents.

Top notes: Neroli, White Pepper and Bergamot.
Heart: Dahlia, Tuberose Elixir and LMR Egyptian Jasmine
Bottom notes: Oud wood, MD LMR Cypress, LMR Indonesian Patchouli and Suede Accord.
Lily (Summer Flower) Symbolism of “Lily”:
Lilies traditionally symbolizes purity and nobility. Iconography in many cultures uses the lilies as an expression of purity and good intentions. It can also be seen in coats of arms of royal houses and nobility and is seen as an expression of purity in many cultures.
The “Lily” fragrance brings out a woman’s qualities, her elevated spirit, pure intentions, friendship and kindness.
Olfactory Family: Floral, Fruity and Woody.
Top notes: Litchi, Blackcurrant and Tangerine.
Middle Notes: Rose, Jasmine, Night Lily and Apple
Bottom: Cedar wood, Peach, Leather and Oud Wood.
Peony (Spring Flower) Symbolism of the “Peony” fragrance:
Peonies bloom in spring and thus they have traditionally been associated with fertility, intelligence and strong character.
Olfactory Family: FLORIENTAL WOODY with CHYPRE accents.
Top notes: Mandarin, Sensual Spices and Bergamot.
Heart: Pink Peonies, Labdanum Flower and Date.
Bottom notes: MD LMR Patchouli, LMR Vetiver, Benzoin, IFF Captive Musk and LMR Myrrh.



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