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Can you use a relatively potent face mask (one that promises brightening and tightening cannot be mild, can it?) and wear make up right after? Yes you can. And the results are super amazing. Not only does the make up look much better, the glow that is the result after, is phenomenal. We are talking about the 3LAB Perfect Mask, which promises to brighten, tighten and give your face an over all glow.

It has been a long, stressful month, all of last month and I was waiting for a time to try the mask; when I felt that my face desperately needed a perk up! Last Friday seemed to be a good day as my skin looked like it wasn’t cared for. Plus, it was a day filled with events. So, I wanted to look fresh and not worn out as usual.

The 3 LAB Perfect Mask allows for easy application (see pictures). Trust us, it does not get easier than this. A mask that you just pull out of a packet and put on your face, it’s is as easy as easy gets. No creams, gels or any type of application. Just take the mask – which is like a thick baby wipe with the ingredients soaked in it – out of the sachet and wear it over your face [it has the mask hole punched for your eyes, mouth and nose].

The directions on the packaging are clear and concise. One thing that you do not want to do is wash your face after you take the mask off. Instead, you want to gently rub the contents of the mask onto your face followed by your usual day / night cream. Also, do not forget to tone your face before applying the mask or whatever your pre-moisturizing regime is.

Apply the mask to a cleansed, toned skin is what the directions tell you. And then let the mask take over and do it’s thing.

3LAB is available at Bloomingdale’s at The Dubai Mall.

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