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Armand Basi In Red is a feminine fragrance that celebrates feelings. It encapsulates passion and tenderness. Femininity as a character trait. A natural way of expressing an intense and emotional personality.

Its colours are red and white. Red expresses sensuality, character, complexity, and it always goes hand in hand with passion; white represents purity and proximity. As a symbol of spring, that time of year when everything is reborn, spreading feelings of joy and optimism, both the box and the bottle feature a motif of an almond tree branch about to blossom.

Armand Basi In Red is floral with a woody base, but the floral notes in Armand Basi In Red Eau de Parfum are more intense, and the spicy ginger touch has disappeared. The result is an Eau de Parfum which is floral, transparent, elegant and very feminine, with a woody base that captures the notes of the original Eau de Toilette but renders them bolder, longer-lasting and stronger in character.

To celebrate the tenth anniversary of Armand Basi In Red, and exclusively for Middle Eastern countries, Idesa Parfums is offering unique gifts with every purchase of Armand Basi in Red, Armand Basi In Red Eau de Parfum and Armand Basi Sensual Red fragrances.

There are two different gifts offerings.

150 ml Armand Basi in Red spray deodorant:

the purchase of a 50 ml bottle of Armand Basi in Red, Armand Basi In Red Eau de Parfum, or Armand Basi Sensual Red, will be accompanied by gift of an Armand Basi In Red 150 ml spray deodorant. In this way, In Red enthusiasts can enjoy another product from their favourite fragrance range, free of charge.

Gift of a unique handbag designed by Armand Basi:

the purchase of a 100 ml bottle of Armand Basi in Red, Armand Basi In Red Eau de Parfum and/or Armand Basi Sensual Red will be accompanied by the gift of a handbag created especially for the occasion by the Armand Basi design team. A capacious handbag, perfect for the city, travel or a day of shopping.

Available at leading beauty stores in the ME.

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