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We have expressed our love for the product before. ‘The Cream‘ by 3LAB reviewed by DIAF.

The brand endorsed by Giuliana Rancic (think E news!) Remember her? Well, she is back on E! News after a three month maternity leave and she swears by 3LAB to shine.

3LAB’s brand new Super Cream (pictured below) is now available in Dubai where it retails exclusively at Bloomingdale’s and Harvey Nichols. It was a sell out in New York and LA with about 30 jars sold since it was launched in October!

The luxurious cream contains unique, high grade antioxidants and vitamins to deliver miraculous results, including Vitamin B derivative, Pantethonic acid. Derived from the Greek word pántothen, meaning “from all quarters,” pantothenic acid is  known as the ‘anti stress’ element. As well as preventing aging of the skin, it is believed to responsible for preventing everything from grey hair to staving off cancer.

The next best thing after Botox? Perhaps better than? We cant wait to find out!

The sought after cream retails at $875  in the US; AED3,150. Go get yours.

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