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The Porsche Design brand boasts of 40 years of “Engineered Luxury”

The TITAN concept: Innovation that goes beyond the limits of classic perfumery

The TITAN bottle: A high tech design, a fusion of aesthetics and functionality

The TITAN fragrance: A distinguished and distinctive woody citrus scent

The TITAN range: Men’s essential daily care routine

Yes, the packaging is something. Indeed, it is worth mentioning here the effort that retailers and manufacturers alike put in these days just to make their product stand out. There are thousands. How do you make your mark in the consumers visual memory?

TITAN, the fragrance, is essentially a woody, citrus-y scent.  It has got notes of grapefruit and spearmint leaf with a touch of black pepper. All this is great. From a consumer’s point of view, I can tell you that it comes across as a very masculine signature, very much in line with the TITAN design.

We took pictures from the brochure that we thought were interesting. It shows you the ingredients (images of the herbs and plants) that have gone into making this scent. (see album below).

The TITAN range has the following:

Eau de Toilette Natural Spray (non- refillable)   50 mL

Refillable Eau de Toilette Natural Spray     80 mL

Refill-Bottle                                                     80 mL

Alcohol-Free Deodorant Stick                       75 mL

Hair & Body Shampoo                                     200 mL

TITAN is available at leading beauty stores in the UAE.

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