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A Pure Concentrate of Light! For those who love powdery textures, Clarins has created Skin Illusion Loose powder Foundation. It combines the coverage of a foundation with the lightness of a loose powder to give the illusion of flawless, bare skin with a perfect transparent finish.

I am definitely one of them. I love the matte, powdery texture. Not cake-y. Matte. Never been one to use foundation on my skin, I am a press powder girl. I have tried foundation powder before and I loved the result. So, I was super excited to try the CLARINS Skin Illusion Powder.

The result in an incredibly smooth and transparent finish (not like you are trying to hide your skin from the world) and that translates to radiance. Of course, with any make up to sit well on your skin and look good, you must take care of your skin from the inside out. This I shall re0iterate with every make-up related post.

A mineral and plant based foundation, a pink algae extract, it supposedly, illuminates your skin. Clarins Laboratories have looked to nature to find the secret to illumination: a mineral and plant formula which cares for skin, protects it and enhances the complexion with an incredible radiance.

This is what I noticed when I wore the CLARINS Skin Illusion Powder:

– It evens out your skin for sure. It gives it that natural look, not overtly made up.

– Because it is not overtly made up, it leaves it smooth (to touch) and supple.

– And it smoothed out the fine lines and wrinkles.

With its built-in brush, this loose powder foundation is full of surprises!

CLARINS products are available at all Paris Gallery stores in the Dubai.

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