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It’s Fall. The colors are ripening. Be it on the natural landscape or in your make up kit. Plums, gold, reds, purples and hues of nudes.

Guerlain knows that and has catered to your make up needs this Fall. In an ode to the mysteries of the Oriental culture, the brand has decided that Golden mists, tapered eyes, a blood-red mouth is what they want to see on their ‘heroine’ this Fall.

I love the way this sounds — ‘The Eye And Lip Calligraphy Palette combines sophisticated make-up, essentials to set off the expression of the lips and eyes to perfection. Two fatal shades for the lips are carmine and blue-toned red, and three eye shadows with an iridescent powder texture that plays on every tone of gold – bronze, copper and white. A matte black powder liner that can be used wet or dry is the ultimate accessory for an unforgettable gaze.’

So, there you have it. Your eyes bang on trend with the colors (pictured).

Our favorite is the MÉTÉORITES PERLES DU DRAGON , Illuminating Powder – Pure Radiance and the MÉTÉORITES WULONG, Exceptional Pressed Powder. Nothing can finish off your make up with out the right Illuminating powder. We like the way it is packaged — pearl-like baby pink and white colored balls in a box. Just brush over them (with your make-up brush to pick up the powder from the balls) and then brush over your face (the MÉTÉORITES PERLES DU DRAGON , Illuminating Powder pictured).

And the nail varnishes – we just LOVE the plum and the Nude nail colors. And the lipsticks too.

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