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A Q&A with Silvia Venturini – Head of Accessories, FENDI

1. How long has Fendi fashion for men been in existence?

I created the first collection in 1990. I had wanted to design for men for a long time. It was absolutely natural for an Italian design house. Italians are renowned for their elegance, high standards in material, cut and colour, and there is always the same demand for quality. So it was a given.

2. How is it characterized?

Men’s collections enjoyed a significant revival in 2011. Until then men’s fashion had remained relatively undeveloped. From that moment on Fendi ready-to-wear for men officially came back into fashion. The Fendi man reinterprets the symbols of Italian elegance: masculinity, elegance, perfect cut, quality of raw materials, with the combination of colours and materials giving it a true personality.

3. Who is the Fendi man?

The Fendi man is very elegant, sophisticated and strongly masculine. He is a hedonist who also loves originality when it benefits quality.

4. Will men’s fashion also develop into accessories?

Of course, men’s accessories already exist. I’m hoping that some of them will become great classics, like the Baguette and Peekaboo bags have done in the women’s collections.

5. What is the story behind Fan di FENDI Pour Homme?

The story is fairly black and white. Fan di FENDI Pour Homme matches the Fan di FENDI women’s line. It reinterprets the iconic codes of the Fendi which are reworked with a masculine design.

6. Were you also involved in the design as you were for the feminine fragrance?

Of course, the bottle’s design is directly inspired by the Fendi Forever buckle which has become the brand’s emblem.This new fragrance fully embodies Fendi values in its design, the choice of raw materials and its communication.

7. How does Fan di FENDI Pour Homme reflect the Fendi universe?

Fan di FENDI perfectly captures the FENDI DNA as it brings together luxury, fantasy and modernity without neglecting the design house’s own arty and contemporary dimension.  Fan di FENDI crystallises the aesthetic codes and values of FENDI: the bottle is directly inspired by our most emblematic codes: the Forever buckle, the Baguette bag’s signature, the black clasp of Peekaboo, the FENDI yellow… The nobility of the lines and materials is coherent with Fendi luxury and know-how. The energy and glamour shown in the visuals and TV spot also clearly represent the FENDI vision of femininity.

8. How does the fragrance reflect the FENDI brand?

A fragrance is combined with a brand, it should reflect its values, DNA and codes.  The quality and leather work are the essence of Fendi. François Demachy and his teams worked in this way. Therefore the brand’s values are respected in the fragrance through the interpretation of leather and all the high quality Italian notes.

The light leather note which underlines the fragrance similar to the Fan di FENDI fragrances for women, is a very creative interpretation of the legendary Cuoio Romano which is so important to Fendi. This note is the olfactory signature of Fan di FENDI.

9. How would you describe the fragrance?  What do you like about it?

For me, Fan di FENDI pour Homme is both very masculine and highly sophisticated.  It is very elegant and seductive. Its scent trail is fresh, woody and strongly masculine.

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