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My hand model friend Shalaka (and now I realized Miss hot lips too) has done this post for DIAF for INGLOT. Thank you Shalaka! The Q&A as follows:

DIAF: So, Shalaka have you heard of INGLOT?

Shalaka: Yes, I have heard of Inglot & seen their stores in Dubai in many malls. To think of it, I have also been to their Bur Juman & Dubai Mall store once or twice.

DIAF: Your perception of the brand?

Shalaka: I always thought of Inglot positioned somewhere around Make up Forever, MAC & Bobbi Brown. Although, the first thought which hits me when I hear the brand name is their extensive range of nail polish in all imaginable shades under the sun!

DIAF: What are your fav colors in lipstick shades? Did INGLOT have them?

Shalaka: I love all shades of pink, so the Sleek Lip cream gloss which I tried out was an instant favourite! The plum one was a little too dark for my comfort! Although, the shade grew on me after I kept it on for a while and I wouldn’t mind wearing it once in a while for special occasions.

DIAF: We know you love painting your nails — your fav color of the season?

Shalaka: Yes! I am all for trying out new colors & nail art techniques! Since pastels have been big this year, I have been quite addicted to mint green & light peach.

DIAF: What did you think of INGLOT shades and the nail polish?

Shalaka: Out of the two Inglot shades that I received to try on, I was thrilled with the light peach one as soon as I set my eyes on the bottle. However, I found this shade to be less smooth while applying as compared to the reddish pink one. The light peach one required minimum 2-3 coats to ensure none of my nail showed through. With the other one, a single coat was enough, although, I did apply two coats to ensure it stayed long enough. The formula is pretty quick dry as I was able to get back to using my hands in about 10 minutes without any smudging.

DIAF: Anything else that you would like to add?

Shalaka: Inglot should get more aggressive with their marketing & ad campaigns, especially for their nail polish range. The brand seems to have a lot of potential but still gets overshadowed by the big names around like MAC & Bobbi Brown.

The amazing pictures are taken by Shalaka.

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