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Indian Mulberry. Just sounds so exotic. I have been using the Indian Mulberry Volumising Shampoo and Conditioner by Molton Brown for a few weeks now ( I wanted to use it for a while to give you a real review ).

I specifically requested for the Indian Mulberry Shampoo as it is meant to add volume to fine hair. Indian Mulberry is supposed to have a body-enhancing formula that helps boost volume. It’s all about Volume isn’t it — to your lashes, to your hair… I never thought I would have to use a shampoo to enhance volume one day. I always wanted to tame my huge hair back in the day. But then again, one never knows right.

First of all, the lather. This shampoo creates soft lather that makes shampooing your hair a somewhat enjoyable experience, not so much a ‘have-to.’ Remember, in my previous post about a particular shampoo, I talked about the lack of lather and how my friends think it is rather baby-like for me to want lather from my shampoo? Well, I rather like lather!

The Conditioner. Now that’s the best part. It really does add volume to your hair. Condition your hair with Molton Brown’s Indian Mulberry, add a dash of wet gel to your hair, air dry it with a slight rush of the blow dryer and you are ready to head out. All this, if you are indeed looking for a big hair do.

I really do like the conditioner and am impressed with the results. I got back almost the same big hair that I had maybe 10 years ago!

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Pictures taken by the NOKIA 808 PureView.


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