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With time, both our well-being and our skin begin to feel destabilized and degenerated. The external imbalances that start to show in the form of tiredness and lack luster skin is often caused by internal degeneration within our bodies.  In & Out from Switzerland offers an approach to skincare that professes the balance of beauty and wellness both inside and out.

This post is just about the ‘Out’ part, about the Phenomenal Anti-Age Night Cream. We all know that our skin repairs at night. This cream aims to restore all the damage that is caused by various daily factors during the day — sun, pollution, stress etc — at night.

Internally, the skin loses it’s ability to produce the same elasticity that it did when it was much younger. The reason — it does not produce that much collagen to retain that elasticity, thereby, forming wrinkles on our skin. Over a period of time, the skin loses it’s natural ability to churn out collagen needed for a wrinkle-free and even skin tone.

Let us tell you what this cream is made up of. It has the following ingredients:

Oil of Phitoderm Squalane: A natural vegetable oil emollient derived from olives with great affinity to the skin as it is also one of the main components of human sebum.

Shea butter: A rich vegetable extract which protects the skin and repairs damage caused by environmental factors including pollution and UV radiation while feeding the skin with its soothing, regenerating and protective properties.

Isocell Life: A powerful hydrating and vitalizing agent that provides long-term protection to the skin, by retaining and improving skin moisture and elasticity.

Essential Oils (Argan): With extraordinary anti-age and anti-wrinkle properties, it acts efficiently to combat dryness, aging and even acne.

So, I got my Mom to try the cream along with the Phenomenal Anti-Age Day Soothing Serum to see whether these ingredients can work their magic.

Some of the areas that she noticed a visible smoothness and a slight tautness in:

— A slight tautness in the area around the mouth (the sides of the mouth)

— A noticeable smoothness while washing her face in the morning.

— The neck felt slighter tighter four weeks after she started the treatment.

— Visible lightening of the skin as well (around the eyes and the forehead)

— Upon applying the Phenomenal Anti-Age Night Cream, she felt a tingling sensation for about 15-20 minutes. That only means that the cream is doing its job?

Note: The treatment report has been formulated four weeks after using the Phenomenal Anti-Age Night Cream and the Phenomenal Anti-Age Day Soothing Serum daily.

In&Out Beauty is available at Bloomingdale’s, The Dubai Mall and Paris Gallery, Dubai Festival City.

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