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This Nikon digital camera just looks stunning, apart from all else. The color White makes it so. This 16.1 Megapixel camera has a 4.2 Wide Optical Zoom.

The LCD screen is wide enough, which leaves no room for excuses that you could not compose the desired shot!

The mode that I preferred shooting in is the SCENE mode, for obvious reasons. It automatically optimizes the picture / scenery  to be captured. You have pretty much everything from food, to beach, to night portrait to fireworks!  Yes, it does most of the work for you in terms of composing the image, detecting distance and even framing the shot for you. If you want to do the entire composing yourself, then the SCENE option isn’t for you. After all, the reason you use a smaller digi-cam is for quick, effective shots.

The 3D Photography is an interesting feature on the P310. It requires a steady hand and the know-how to use it. It took me a while to get the desired effect, as three dimensional images in general are hard to get right. Unfortunately, I didn’t master it too well.


I somehow always misuse the flash. By that I mean – I tend to use it where it’s not necessary! A bit embarrassing to admit , but hey…I like how the P510 prompts you to ‘raise the flash’ when necessary. A good feature for aspiring photographers I suppose…

Another thing that I got carried away doing on the camera screen itself is re-touching the images and cropping them. It made me happy that it saved me that much time editing, re-touching and cropping the images on the computer. Possibly, a regular feature in digi-cams today, but novel to me as I haven’t bought one in over a year.

The changing of the Angle Monitor / LCD Screen (see picture) is such a boon when you want to take images at very high or very low positions.

Some shots that I took around the city (of Dubai) with the P510. Those who accompanied me will tell you how I could not stop talking about the P510.

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