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The Gold facial at Merle Norman promises an instant glow, radiance, help get rid of blemishes, while polishing the skin at the same time. Seems like an all-that a woman-needs-in-a-facial to me!

Did you know that Gold carries anti-inflammatory properties to protect the skin from allergies? The Gold Facial is believed to have the effect of revitalizing and enhancing the skin’s temperature, thereby, boosting blood circulation. It contains ‘gold dust’ & carrot seed oil to give a gold like shine and luster to skin, besides consisting of anti-aging properties.

Upon asking the therapist if I could take pictures of the creams that they use, I was told that I wasn’t allowed to as the products are a secret. I was going to have gold (or something close to it) smeared on my face. Need I probe?

The facial started with a regular cleansing of the skin followed by a brief and light steam session as part of the exfoliation process. The ‘gold scrub’ was then applied on to the face whilst the steam was on. I have noticed the that best exfoliation of the skin takes place when a combination of steaming and exfoliating is performed at the same time.

Normally, the exfoliation as part of the Gold Facial happens with a soft brush or an exfoliant, but my therapist immediately realized that my skin is very sensitive and prone to redness, so she skipped that.

After a 10 minute light scrub, she then carried out the extraction (with a comedone / blackhead extractor) to clear the clogged pores only on my T-zone, which she thought needed the extraction.

After that, there was an invigorating neck and shoulder massage. May I mention that it was a case of soft strokes for sensitive (skin) folks! Thank you Bela.

The secret ‘gold mask’ on your skin for 20 minutes is the next step, followed by, for moi, an anti-redness cream as my skin is prone to slight redness in the sun. And it’s a wrap, with the Merle Norman day cream.

The Gold Facial is available at Merle Norman at the Jumeirah Beach Road, diagonally opposite Mercato Mall, Dubai.


Merle Morman Spa, Dubai



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