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This make-up brand from San Francisco is something to talk about. Let alone the trendy descripts of their products, they actually are so easy to use. They probably cater to people like me, who are perhaps a bit lazy when it comes to learning the fine art of make-up. Quick and easy steps it is for me. Tell me in in three words what I got to do!

The Perk Up Artist is all about three easy tips — Correct, Cover and Brighten.



So, this one is all about correcting uneven skin tone. You can either use it before or after applying your make-up. By make-up here, we are referring to what you are used to using on a regular basis. It could either be press powder, foundation or both. I suggest that you apply a primer under this for best results. I use the POREfessional primer by Benefits (see what I mean by inventive descripts). The way it gets on to your skin is just silky smooth.

After you have applied the primer on to your skin (if that is a part of your make-up routine), use the ‘correct’ creamy base to even skin tone. The areas that the leaflet manual shows are around the mouth, chin etc. You could use it anywhere you feel that your skin is discolored.



Cover is all about, well, covering your dark circles, if you have any. If you are fortunate enough not to, you can skip this. The manual (pictured above) shows you the areas where you can apply the ‘cover.’ Common areas are usually under the eye.



This make-up technique is so awesome. Maybe for make-up artists and ones who can do their make-up really well, this may be nothing new. But I enjoyed seeing the results after applying the ‘brighten’ creamy base on my inner and outer eye area. Pictured above, it shows you how to make a rounded ‘V’ on your inners and outers of the eye, like it is a mirror image.

After these three quick tips, it’s back to your make-up routine. Enjoy! I did!

Benefits is available at Faces at the Bur Juman Mall, Bur Dubai.

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