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What is Ginseng? ‘It is a perennial geophyte with a short rhizome attached to a fleshy root and has a single stem that emerge every year, with compound leaves and a single cluster of small white flowers that develop into bright red fruit. Courtesy of definition – Ageless.co

That is so awesome to know, thank you. How does that translate to flawless skin for me please? Well, a lot goes into flawless skin — just the right products alone won’t cut it. Of course, you know the drill – diet, exercise and so on. However, the right products (in this case we are talking about 3LAB – The Cream) can be one of the means to a flawless end.

I was introduced to ‘ginseng’ (tea) about 10 years ago thorough a friend who would not let a day go by without downing a huge 800 ml bottle of it. She stressed that it is the best thing that you can consume for your skin, for it to dazzle. “Okay”, said I, “I am going to try it.”

While that never happened back then, I have had the opportunity to use it’s rejuvenating properties on my skin directly. The properties of Ginseng are said to improve hydration of your skin, rather help inject hydration into DE-hydrated skin. No one needs to remind us how harsh the weather here can be  for your skin. ‘The various properties in the plant (Ginseng) are used in cosmetics, particularly nourishing creams, in treating wrinkled and aged skin and in all cosmetic products used to retard the onset of age.’ – Ageless .co

So, we tried The Cream by 3LAB, from their latest Ginseng Collection. Now I have been told by dermatologists, ladies at my local salon (who have close contact with my skin) and practically everyone, that I have very sensitive skin. Not that I didn’t know myself…but just to re-instate my point. So, if this cream does it’s magic on sensitive skin, it should be worth a try? Read on to find out…

I was lucky to try it in two weather types as I traveled recently, so that I can give you an even better review. One is here — extremely hot air and humidity in the atmosphere. The other – more humid than hot, the season being the ‘Monsoons‘ in Mumbai, India.

The texture of the cream is non-silky. By that I mean, after you have applied it, it may seem a bit clingy. The clingy feeling goes away after a while – maybe 30 or so minutes. I am assuming that, that is probably because of the obvious reason — that  The Cream has several ingredients to increase elasticity and moisturize the skin deeply. The plus point of the fact that it is a bit sticky is that you don’t need to put a whole lot on as it spreads easily on your face requiring lesser amounts of it.

Before I tell you about the test results in both the climes, I want to tell you about how I used it recently right before applying some make-up, press powder to be precise, before I headed out. You know what they say, you must moisturize before you apply make-up right. So, I did. Except, I didn’t wait the 10 or so minutes that you are ideally supposed to, the focus being on ‘ideally’ as I was rushing, as always.

But the look that it gave me, despite putting make-up on the cream right after I applied it, was nothing short of glowy, dewy, refreshed and…almost flawless. Isn’t that what we all want? I am not going to to into the why’s and the how’s simply because I dont know why. All I know is that it seem to absorb my press powder well.

Now for the general tried-and-tested results. As I mentioned earlier, I had the opportunity to use it in two different climates — extremely hot and extremely humid. It worked well. I didn’t break out and that is the true test for someone who has sensitive skin. There were days when my face (with the cream on, of course) would be almost wet from the sweat, but no break outs!

I must say that I have tired products in the past and broken out severely. And these are products that are heavily endorsed by celebrities and people alike. I suppose they weren’t made for very sensitive skin(s).

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