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This I am sure women across the globe can relate to. Carrying 12 kilos (26.45 pounds) worth of toiletries and skin care products when you are allowed only 20 kilos (44 pounds). So, where am I going to stuff the five pairs of shoes that I planned for?

No, it’s not you. Don’t you go on blaming yourself now. It’s not your fault that the best products come in heavy packaging. More often than not, the bottle is heavier than its contents! Contents 30 ml, packaging 5 kilos.

So, packing-the-suitcase-time is a daunting task for me. Sephora has given our woes a listen. With Sephora, it’s in the bag! The travel-friendly range I am sure will make a lot of difference when coping with airport security and excess baggage issues. Little products to refill our purse, just enough for the trip I say.

The goodies that Sephora offers in its travel bag are the ‘Smooth Nail Polish Remover’, ‘Instant Refreshing Toner’, ‘Soothing Cleaning Milk’, ‘Exfoliating Face Disc’ ( I just received this product yesterday and I love it. It’s easy on the skin while at the same time brushes off grime and dirt), ‘Instant Eye Make-up Remover’, ‘Instant Moisturizer’, ‘Exfoliating Body Scrub’, and the ‘Creamy Body Wash’ just to name a few (pictured below)

Sephora is located at The Dubai Mall and Dubai Festival City, Dubai

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