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Malene Birger, Dubai


There are a million stores one could be interested in talking about or blogging about in this city. With so many independent designers, local talent making its way through the fashion avenues of Dubai, why did we choose Malene Birger? We could say, why not, but we would really like to tell you why.

Stores like Malene Birger aim at filling a gap between high end and high street Dubai. Speaking to the owners of the Danish brand in Dubai, that is what we gathered. Mother-daughter duo Helle and Christina, who brought Malene Birger to the Wafi Mall tell DIAF about what they really feel about the fashion scenario here.

The price points of the clothes are mid-range, which is exactly the gap they want to fill – between high end and high street.

Of course, we wouldn’t do a feature if we didn’t like the designer’s creations to begin with. That comes first right. For someone’s designs to appeal to you in order for you to notice them? But besides that, it was interesting to know why they felt Malene Birger had scope here.

Everyone has a story to tell, a viewpoint. Capturing people and places that aren’t necessarily out there and getting them to you is what excites us. That is another reason we wanted to feature this store.

We will let you tell them their story: