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Narcisco Rodriguez for her is one of my all-time favorite-st perfumes. Upon being asked which is your all-time favorite fragrance, I love saying, it’s ‘nar-cheesco rrod-ree-guez’ for her.

“Which one?” is the reply that I most often get. ‘You’ve never tried it?’ I ask. “Not really”, comes the quick reply. Yes, I have to admit I love loving a perfume that is unusual to most!

You can imagine how excited I was when I received Narcisco Rodriguez for him. Just as good. It is musk-centered (just as most male perfumes should be) with notes of iris and pink peppercorn (that I would not know unless I read about it).

The perfume house has now introduced a new deodorant stick to go with is as well (sold separately of course).

The other perfume that I want to tell you about is Rose by MAUBOUSSIN. This jewelry brand has added a new fragrance to its already existing list of fragrances.

Created by Benoist Lapouza & Delphine Lebeau, this floral, fresh & fruity fragrance is empowering to say the least. This perfume wears you and not the other way around. It has notes of blackcurrant buds, Apple-Pear-Caramel trio, mangnolia, sumptuous essences of Turkish Rose and its Raspberry-like fruity, pulpy notes.

This one is strong as it is subtle. Our advice — try it, wait a while for it to sink in. That is when you can tell what it truly smells like. Yes, that applies to all perfumes, but more so to this one as I felt the real fragrance came alive only after 10 or so minutes. The smell of rose is the most prominent of course.

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