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What was the most fascinating part of my meal at the Royal China DIFC? Hard to say. Was it the Oolong Tea being prepared for us as part of the ‘Tea Ceremony?’ Or perhaps, it was the steamed Chilean sea bass (as part of our main course) that just got shipped on the same morning from Chile that melted the minute it reached our palettes?  An interesting fact about perishable commodities that gets shipped into Dubai. Taking the example of the sea bass at Royal China, DIFC, Head Chef Wong tells us that they order just the right amount (based on prior experience of consumption of course) of pieces. “What if the amount ordered surpasses demand?” I ask. Says Chef Wong, “In that case we just tell them, ‘sorry we don’t have any more of it.’”

DIAF spoke with Raditya Dimas, Bar Manager at Royal China, DIFC who told us about his award winning cocktail, The Quicky Tiny and the Jakarta Red Dragon. Watch him tell you about his famous cocktails.

Our Menu consisted of:

For Starters, we had the steamed Chili Prawn Dumpling in Soup and Har Gau in Royal China style. For mains, we had:

–Steamed Chilean Sea Bass with Ginger Spring Onion

–Egg Fried Rice

–Kailan (Chinese greens) sautéed and served with Ginger Juice

–Pan-fried River Prawns in butter and garlic

Not to forget desert, the Toffee Banana and Coconut Ice cream was to die for as was the Black Sesame Paste in Peanut Crumbs.

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