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I have never been to a ‘Tea Party’. Playing the word association game in my mind, I have always thought of the following: (a) Kitty Parties, (b) Mommies and (c) a lot of Gossip.

This wasn’t the kind that I had imagined. Except for point (c) {psst…there was lots of it}. This was a get together of people with like mind sets, people that had a lot to share over delicious pasties and tea. And of course, the most important thing, (lucky) people who got a sneak-peek into the hosts’, Rana’s upcoming A/W 2012 collection. If Maison Rana’s S/S 2012 is any indication to go by, we all are expecting fabulous stuff from her this Winter. Plus, we saw some of it on blueprints as well! (oh don’t worry! We have the sketches to share with you as well, on video)

Joining us on that day, amongst the bloggers, were Nadya from The Fierce Diaries, Sara Hameed from Something I Call Fashion and Louise Northcote from Vintage Runways. Nice to meet and see all you lovely ladies.

Rana played perfect host to us. The table was full of goodies that we all stared at, at the beginning and then felt free to grab onto. The view was looking at the Marina waters from the 14th floor in her brightly lit living room. DIAF interviewed Rana about how she got into fashion, about her A/W 2012 collection and more.

Rana seems well-versed in her craft and all things fashion. She knew about trends that will engulf us a year from now. What impressed me the most was her knowledge on the subject we all want to get a bite of — fashion.

Graduated with Advertising and Marketing major, Rana worked in the field of advertising and communication for 15 years, in several advertising agencies and PR companies in Dubai. However, her passion for fashion and clothes followed her in her career journey. She didn’t accept the status quo when it comes to her wardrobe and always revamped clothes into new items, or created her own pieces, sharing this passion with family and friends.

Thank you Rana for hosting us and for the lovely gift. I truly enjoyed the conversations, the ambience and the treats!

Watch Rana talk about Maison Rana and the dress-up video after:




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