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The in store fashion show made it easier for me to know what I wanted to pick from the store. The mauve jeans and the emerald green cropped jacket are on my list.

The New Yorker store launch at Ibn Battuta Mall attracted some attention for sure. It got patrons into the store and the general public outside curious to know what the noise was all about. Purpose served? I think so.

In-store fashion shows and stagecraft tactics are increasingly being used to promote brands these days. I am not sure if it is a worldwide trend but in Dubai, we have been exposed to a lot of it lately.

Did you know that New Yorker opened its first store in Flensburg, Germany in the 1970’s and is predominantly situated across cities in Europe making it Europe’s largest fashion businesses?

DIAF captured the fashion show for you. More importantly, we got you the New Yorker S/S 2012 Look book that has items that haven’t even hit the stores of Dubai yet (gallery below the video). So, take a look at what you want and be the first one to get your hands on it!

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