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Tea — that beverage that I wake up every morning for. I cannot emphasize to you how important this beverage is in my life. My drive to get out of bed in the morning is my breakfast, which includes a huge mug of tea (equivalent to three regular-sized cups).

You can imagine my happiness then to learn that recent research has shown that there is some sort of a relationship between drinking tea and mental clarity. Of course, its not that simple for me. Drinking tea the way I do — with lots of milk and sugar — would not allow me to benefit from any nutritional value that it may have. I got that myth busted too. Ecstatic.

DIAF spoke to Jane Rycroft, Nutrition Manager and tea researcher at the Lipton Tea Institute in England, who was here for a first of its kind Tea Symposium in Dubai, to educate us about the benefits of tea.

Watch her tell us more about her presentation, her research and some myths busted about the beverage. Plus Kurush Bharucha, Director at Unilever, shows you how ‘tea tasting’ is done.