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Clarks. Lets play word association, shall we? What comes to mind when you think of this brand?

1. For dad maybe?

2. They target only comfort, designs not so flattering

3. Not so fashionable, so not for me

Post the re-branding efforts by Clarks:

1. Comfortable

2. Colorful

3. Following fashion

4. Now you are talking to me.

65.9% of the world’s population predominantly consists of persons between the age of 15 to 40 years of age. It would not be unwise to target that segment. We spoke to Mr. Andrew Martland, President of the Asia Pacific region for Clarks, who flew in for the launch at the Mall of the Emirates, to tell us about this move by Clarks.

The new Clarks global concept C7 design creates a fresh and modern style targeted at Clarks’ core customers as well as a younger group. In addition, the contemporary look helps attract customers who may not be aware of just how on-trend and stylish the current Clarks collections are.

Mr. Martland was not available for a video interview. Understandable, with all the attention around him. Instead, he took out more time, thoroughly, answering the questions DIAF had for him, through email. Thank you Mr. Martland.

DIAF: Can you please tell us what prompted Clarks to undergo a re-branding strategy for themselves?

AM: Clarks realized that moving forward, they needed to target a younger audience. The target they had in mind was both male and female, in their late 20s to early 30s, settled, they know what they like, they set their own style and value quality and comfort.

Clarks have updated the store design as well the store imagery. As a global brand, we recognized the need deliver a consistent image that appeals the world over. An image that is warmer and more distinctive. Before the re-branding,  the stores were very functional but now they have created a ‘brand’.

DIAF: What do you hope to achieve with it? A larger audience, perhaps a younger audience?

AM: For the 1st time last year, more than half of the business came from outside the UK. They have been in the Middle East for 40 years.

Their objective was to build on the market that was already established – the older generation. It was very important to us that we didn’t alienate our existing clientele. Now, we also want to target men, women and children. The children’s collection is very important to building the heritage of the brand. Staying true the brands heritage is very important to us.

DIAF: Are there risks involved in re-branding a brand?

AM: With regards to the risks, we were not too concerned as we conducted 6 months of testing and research before we began to roll out the new concept. The new branding stays true to Clarks and the existing customers were really happy with the changes.

Andrew Martland, Asia Pacific Vice President, Clarks

Check out the virtual tour of the Clarks newly branded store at the Mall of the Emirates:


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