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While savoring the Turkish delights offered to me by Inci Malik and Ebru Berge in their supremely beautiful home in the Meadows, I could not overlook their enthusiasm to launch their new venture with all the passion and vigor they had. And why not? They want to give genuine lovers of fashion and style something that they are always looking for – designs and items not exposed yet.

Inci and Ebru want to bring brands and products to this region from their hometown, Turkey. Says, Ebru, “The anjelique.me is a Dubai-based online shopping platform selling designer fashion and home ware brands not yet known or available to this region.” I am catching on the words, ‘not yet known or available to this region.’ Are you? Sure, we all want the most exclusive piece of fashion when we step out at that fashion do?

Emerging designers from Turkey and, soon, launching local talent from this region as well is what’s in store on theanjelique.me.

For now, however, they also have open houses to get the word out on their new business venture. The next open house is on 09 June, 2012, between 10:00-18:00 at Meadows 2 Street 7 Villa 29.

Watch the ladies tell us more:

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