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I love the trend marketers are using these days, that of matching ones personality with products. Be it a jewelry piece, a watch that speaks about you or in this case a fragrance.

Ralph Lauren Fragrances launched the ‘Big Pony Collection’ with four fragrances in four different-colored bottles. The venue was the Dubai Polo and Equestrian Club. Fragrance one was ‘The Sporty Fragrance’ (Blue bottle), fragrance two was ‘The Sensual Fragrance’ (Pink bottle), fragrance three was ‘The Free-Spirited Fragrance’ (Yellow bottle) and fragrance four was ‘The Stylish Fragrance’ (Purple bottle).

Upon our arrival, we were introduced to all 4 fragrances and briefed about each one, after which we were asked to try all the fragrances and choose the one that we liked. So, coming back to the personality-product comparisons, I liked fragrance three and four the most. So, that would make me…free-spirited and stylish as per the descript above? Very few people would take offense to being called, ‘stylish’, or ‘sensual’ or ‘free-spirited?’ Thanks to the olfactics, you get to know a little bit about, well, you. Great marketing, great fun! Besides, I have always had an affinity to the color purple. Royalty and majestic are some adjectives that come to mind when you think of this color.

Yes, we got to take the fragrances we loved, home! And a Ralph Lauren polo tee. Thank you very much team RL in Dubai!

After the testing bit, it was over to the Races. Of course there was a race. What did you think? It was held at the Polo Club for a reason you know. It was cute – girls versus the boys (you can see a shrot snippet in the video). You can also see the delish cupcakes which I could not get enough of, clearly. The color of the cupcakes corresponded to that of the 4 fragrances. Plus, there were tiny bottles with the four colors and numbers on them placed next to the cupcakes. I think they were made of chocolate.

I am eager to tell you about my experience leading to this awesome event. I wasn’t going to miss this one, no, no! Never have I been more determined to do something despite all odds thrown my way! Oh! and odd they were. Odd occurrence number 1: I have been to the Arabian Ranches close to over 50 times. Instead, I drive half way to Hatta. Odd occurrence number 2: The gas station does not have an ATM and I did not have enough cash. So, the fuel tanked is topped up, realization of a lack of sufficient funds sets in after the tank is filled up. This was at the start of my journey. So, I lose about 20 minutes filling out a form and giving them my license as an ID for them to keep in lieu of the cash. How do I drive without my license? “Ma’am, we have it all figured out, please fill this form, it will serve as your driver’s license should you get pulled over by a cop.”

Odd Occurrence number three: Since I have lost my way the second time around after driving half way to Hatta, I come back to Dubai, park my car at another gas station (begged the attendant-in-charge to let me park for an hour as ‘it is not allowed’) and took a cab to the Dubai Equestrian & Polo Club. To know what happened after, please scroll over to the top.

Some facts and figures about the fragrances:

The Big Pony Collection is now available throughout the GCC at most Beauty stores. A 100 ml bottle of Eau de spray is AED 330 and a 50 ml bottle of Eau de spray is AED 230.

-The Sporty Fragrance 1 (blue) has notes of Floral Citrus, Blue Lotus and Grapefruit.

-The Sensual Fragrance 2 (pink) is Floriental Fruity.

-The Free-Spirited Fragrance 3 (Yellow) has notes of Pear and Mimosa.

[Did you know? The young consumer is attracted to simple, qualitative ingredients and things that are note complicated or ostentatious. This is a scent of spontaneity and freshness with an understated yet timeless elegance. A simple construction highlighting 2 ingredients]. Bet you didn’t know that!

-The Stylish Fragrance 4 (purple) has cherry and purple amber injected into it.

[Did you know? The fragrance is both fun and seductive which allows the girl to have the choice to wear it when the mood strikes her].

The Video and Pictures of the event:

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