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We tried two new fragrances from Calvin Klein, ck One Summer (limited edition) and Calvin Klein Sheer Beauty.

Personally, I liked Sheer Beauty by Ck, as I prefer floral scents. But for a change, ck One Summer does not fail to impress. It’s summery and has a cooling sensation. Plus, both men and women can wear it. Was it Calvin Klein that came about with the first unisex fragrance? Must look that up. I do remember loving the fragrance. In college at the time, everyone wore Ck One.

To 2012, and Ck has introduced another clean and fresh fragrance. With this type of packaging and marketing, you cannot help but think ‘ocean’, ‘outdoors’, ‘green’, essentially things that spell spring /summer.

Ck One Summer is a blend of cucumber, water lotus and driftwood which is supposed to create a refreshing scent.

And now to my favorite – Sheer Beauty a new fragrance by Calvin Klein. The fragrance itself is fruity, floral yet fresh. Reminds of just the thing my mom would wear. Hence, the affinity.

The scents used are peony (have always loved Peony), jasmine, pink lily, some red berry extract, sandalwood and musk. Wow! You would think mixing so many scents would create havoc! Apparently, it creates Sheer Beauty.

Ck One Summer (limited edition) and Sheer Beauty by Calvin Klein are now available across most beauty stores in Dubai.

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