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There is something very unique about Cynthia Pennikian, founder and designer of brand Cee Code. Apart from the confidence that she oozed aplenty, in not only herself but also her brand, which was riveting enough, there was a certain pizzaz about her. She knows exactly who will carry a Cee Code bag, where her inspiration for her designs stem from and not to mention, how to market her products effectively through the right avenues.

DIAF caught some of the fun stuff that happens behind the scenes of a fashion photo shoot, the products of which you see in the glossies. Also, you get to know about the enormous efforts that go into getting you, the viewer, that ‘it’ picture. The campaign shoot that DIAF caught on camera is the Cee Code Summer 2012 photo shoot held at Valleydez at the Sunset Mall, Dubai.

The fashion photographer is Tinayums Bernice from Tinayums and the model is the ever-so-funny and stunning Clare Geeves, from clareandthecity. You could see that they make such a great team – the photographer and her muse epitomized.

We got Tina to talk about the shoot, how she was introduced to the brand and more. Of course, we also spoke to the designer, Cynthia, about CeeCode.

Watch the video:


Owner and designer of Cee Code: Cynthia Pennikian

Photography: Tinayums Bernice

Assists by Emme Benida

Model: Claire Geeves

MUA and Hair: Ranjit Mudher

Styling, shoes and Accessories: Nancy Pennikian

Clothes and Venue: Valley Dez, Sunset Mall




  1. Farah Al Zadjaly April 29, 2012

    I love the Cece Code bags!
    Good Job Dubai in a frame with the behind the scenes… love it !

    1. shwetadembla July 3, 2012

      Thank you Farah! Me too. I love Cynthia’s collection, especially the Messenger bag! 🙂