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One of my favorite hotels of all time. I think I have mentioned that on this blog before. I was happy to know that I could re-visit the days gone by when I found out that Mahiki –Dubai was situated at the Jumeirah Beach Hotel.

Mahiki recently launched its food menu and boy was I excited!  So, for those of you that are familiar with this franchise from London, when you think of Mahiki, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Cocktails? Their mock tails maybe? Right!

But now, they want you to know there is more value added to their already existing brand equity.

The food menu at Mahiki ranges from Feta to Fish. I particularly enjoyed the Cos Salad, which consisted of baby gem leaves, homemade dressing, fresh white anchovies and shaved parmesan, served with crumbed runny quails eggs. I skipped the eggs and went for the kill—lettuce with sliced parmesan cheese. There I was, amidst a bunch of lovely peeps that I met on the day (who by the way were way more uninhibited than me), surreptitiously emptying the bowl of lettuce while at the same time diligently separating the anchovies from my bite. I have to say I enjoyed it.

The conversation at the table together with my virgin Pinnacolada in a pineapple, yes it was served in a pineapple, made for a cherish-able evening.

By the way, the food menu at Mahiki serves main course as well as starters.

Head Chef at Mahiki – Dubai, Chef Marcus, unfortunately, was unavailable for interviews. Instead, DIAF met with the Head of Marketing at Mahiki, Mr. Harry Harry Santa-Olalla:

Watch some shots of the food on display and an interview with Mr. Santa-Olalla right after.

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