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With no preps in place, I headed to the World’s Richest Horse Race . Now now, I knew what I was going to wear two months prior to the big date with the lovelies of fashionable Dubai. It was to be a fuchsia VB (Victoria Beckham) styled pencil dress, boat necked, sleeveless, cutting off at precisely mid-knee. The fabric – 90 % cotton, 10 % wool with a self-design, preferably. The outfit was to have a dash of neon yellow somewhere – either on the waist or the shoes or the hat.  So, that was the visual in my head for approximately two months. The reality? An ill-fitted white crochet dress and grey wedges. The only plus about my outfit was that my dearest mom personalized / embellished my hat with her magic touch. That, for me, was the best part of the outfit.

Very often, women feel so much pressure to stand out of the crowd that it somehow defeats the very purpose of having a good time while you are at it. Guilty as charged. I plan but in the end as I never get around to it, I couldn’t be bothered to make that statement. Besides when you accept that you are slightly sartorially challenged, you go easy on yourself. Acceptance is bliss I tell you.

There is one bit in the video that I was fortunate enough to catch. It was when an interviewer was asking questions to Ms. Coe post her win on the Most Elegantly Dressed Lady. He asked her, ‘Do you feel the pressure to dress up to the Races?’ I loved her answer. She said, “Pressure I don’t think is the right word, excitement, yes…it’s all about enjoying yourself.”

The last time that I went to the Races was back in 2009 which was at the old venue, the ‘Nad Al Sheba Race Course.’ That was a fun time!

Back to last week, my girlfriend and I were rushing to get to the ‘Apron Views’ which is where all the fascinatoring fashionaction usually takes place. Oh yeah! The ladies made the effort for sure. You are going to watch it for yourself in the following video — snippets from the Jaguar Style Stakes arena, voices of ladies telling us why they should win and Mrs. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan (on behalf of Longines) who came to the Dubai World Cup 2012 to give the prize (a watch by the brand) to the most Elegantly Dressed Lady. For me, that was the highlight of the event — watching Mrs. Rai Bachchan.  The feeling of being star-struck doesn’t seem to leave me.

A view of the Meydan Racecourse and the Jaguar Style Stakes:

Aishwayra Rai Bachchan present to give the award for Most Elegantly Dressed Lady:





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