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Grazia Diesel Extravaganza


I was thrilled to see an invite in my Inbox by the Editor of Grazia ME Insider, Ms. Elaine Greenshields asking if I would like to partake in an event that will, let me buy goodies worth an x amount at a store, style me and then have a limousine pick me and nine of my girlfriends up for an evening to cherish. Umm, let me have a tinkle about that then!

Are you serious? The limousine, the attention, the brand new clothes, my friends enjoying my 15 minutes of fame with me? This is too good to be true. To all the cynics out there, it was too good and as true as it gets.

It was all that and more. We got there a bit early so my friends and I waited at Costa for the evening to begin. Once the doors opened, — the store was closed to the public for the few hours the event lasted– from paparazzi (we were ‘the stars’ for that evening remember?), to yummy horderves, a DJ adding to the existing party ambience, to the entire female section of the store to our disposal was what we were met with. The event called, ‘Fit your Attitude’, to me, meant being comfortable with your body, your image and your style.

I spent the evening in the company of my girlfriends who didn’t tire showering attention on me (blush!) (floored!). Delna and Karen, thank you for making my evening delightful. It couldn’t have been what it was without you. And to Grazia ME Insider and Diesel for letting me be part of this event.

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