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Christain Louboutin’s 20 years celebrated at his boutique, The Dubai Mall


He needs no introduction, at least not to women who love their shoes. Christian Louboutin’s shoes have painted many towns red. Women who love his shoes clearly love to make a statement. He was brought up surrounded by them (his sisters). Little wonder then he may just know a thing or two about what women want!

Did you know that the ‘red sole’ was inspired by a nail varnish that he saw one of his employees wear? Totally unapologetic about getting women to wear heels that are sky-rocketing high, Louboutin says in one of his interviews that heels for women are not so much about fashion as they are about an attitude. According to him, they can symbolize a variety of things  — power for some, a tool used to attract the opposite gender, or just to up the style stakes.

For now, shoe enthusiasts, can enjoy some of the shoes that made all the difference in his 20 year journey as a shoe designer. The following video (our Facebook page has the same pictures that were posted the day the exhibit started) shows you some his life-altering pieces.

The exhibit started on the 29th of March and will run until the 5th of April 2012 right outside the Christain Louboutin Boutique, The Dubai Mall

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