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Three bloggers, Tinayums Bernice from www.tinayums.com, Lisa Strannesten from www.inbetweenthecontrasts.com and Shweta from www.dubaiinaframe.com got invited to experience a treatment of their choice at the Dubai Cosmetic Surgery.

While I am yet to use my media pass for an experience, Tina and Lisa got theirs done. Tina went for the Lumafirm Facial that promises an afterglow to last a long time, while Lisa braved the pain with a laser skin tightening treatment to help her get rid of the unnecessary lines on her face and pigmentation caused by excessive sun exposure.

Olimpia Carmen, Head of the Skin and Laser Department, Dubai Cosmetic Surgery, suggested this treatment for Lisa based on the concerns she expressed to Olimpia about her skin.

DIAF shot ‘the before and after’ the treatment of both Tina and Lisa. We also spoke with Anisa Vrabac, Operations Manager at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Clinic. She told us about the Clinic, the cosmetic industry and insights into when one typically starts to age. Four videos to watch in this post guys! Two on Lisa while she gets her treatment done, the consulting session with Ms. Carmen before and how she looks and feels after the treatment.

Tina features in our third video where she gets pampered silly. The last video brings to you Ms. Vrabac.

Lisa Strannesten talking to Olimpia (the Consulting session)

Lisa getting the Skin Tightening Laser Treatment done on her and how she looks and feels after:

Tina’s Lumafirm Treatmemt:

Anisa Vrabac, Operations Manager at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Clinic, talking to DIAF:






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