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There are shoes. And then there are shoes. What can you say about Giuseppe Zanotti’s shoe designs? Iconic? Tres sexy? Ultra glamorous? Have-to-look-a-second-time if you pass by his store? The more I look at the shoes on display in the pictures, the more I feel that Zanotti caters to most shoe lovers’ tastes. Women who want to make a massive statement with their shoes, women who want to wear a stunning-looking pair but don’t necessarily want to be seen as ‘over the top’, women who just love their shoes, really! But how does one define a statement right! My idea of a statement could be different from yours. Taking all this into consideration, Zanotti’s designs still make an impact on most shoe-lovers.

A self-confessed shoeaholic, I was thrilled to be able to attend the store opening of Zanotti at the Dubai Mall. Thank you RR & Co. for welcoming DIAF.

As someone who always prefers to surpass fashion dicta, (I get pulled up for it by fellow bloggers and well-wishers!), instead, making my own statement, I have to say that Giuseppe Zanotti’s footwear bowled me over. I would love to be in his shoes! They are supremely stylish, edgy and oh-so-attractive.

Pictures do speak a thousand words. Kenneth Sagar Photography has captured some serious shots of the man in action at the opening. My favorite one is where you can clearly see him draw the shape of a heart on the shoes whilst signing for a fan.

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